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Favorite Actress in a Supporting Role

Favorite Screenplay

Favorite Director

Favorite Song from a Movie

Favorite Visual Effects (Special Effects, Make-Up, or Animation)

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Worst Picture

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The Internet Entertainment Writers Association (IEWA) welcomes you to the
Internet Movie Awards©

The Internet Entertainment Writers Association and its related web sites, including the Internet Movie Awards and the Internet Television Awards, will cease operations effective May 1, 2007. This web site will continue to exist but will no longer be updated. The Internet Movie Awards tradition continues at the Golden Schmoes hosted by

The Internet Movie Awards© provides regular people the opportunity to cast their vote and have a say in what actor and what film was their favorite in the past year.

The nominees for the Internet Movie Awards© are collected from ballots submitted by the Internet Entertainment Writers Association (IEWA). Members provide their list of what they feel are the best of the best of the year. These lists are compiled into public voting ballots where you, the Internet surfer, then get the opportunity to vote on your favorites for that season.

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